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Current Work

Booking now for 2023/24, please email to discuss your requirements 


A wandering stranger holds the secret to making delicious soup, fit for the finest folk in the land.


But can they really make soup with just a stone?

Stone Soup Family Theatre Show by Eye of Newt

Sometimes adventure can be found right on your doorstep… 


Or inside a cupboard, under a pile of ironing, hidden behind a plant pot, next to the rubber duck. The Cabinet of Curiosity is a little bit familiar, but contains a lot of surprises. 

Hare and Moon Walkabout

A gentle and warmhearted walkabout inspired by the mythology of the moongazing hare.

hareandmoon4 (3).jpg

Our Hare and Moon story told in miniature. Performed from a beautiful vintage suitcase in just five minutes.

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